What We Do

Using our team’s combined experience in public policy, law, government and communications, Issues Management advocates for clients in the support and defense of their interests. The firm’s goal is to help them deal with the public issues and events that affect their bottom lines and their reputations. We give our clients the chance to even the playing field and create strategic advantage.

Based on our client’s need, our work may take different directions. Typically, our combined problem-solving skills are applied in one or more of these areas to create multi-faceted campaigns:

Legislative Advocacy
Regulatory Counseling/Project Management
Environmental Issues Management
Strategic Communication
Grassroots Advocacy and Coalition-Building
Business Development
Crisis Management

Regulatory Counseling

The Issues Management team understands government and its agencies. We work with state and federal agencies to assure that every creative option is explored to bring about positive change on behalf of our clients. Our project work often cuts across agency and jurisdictional lines and eliminates the stalemates that occur when local, state or federal agencies argue over turf. Our regulatory initiatives have broken new ground in commercial real estate development, insurance products, energy deregulation and land use planning.

Commercial Development
Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, wanted to expand its facility in a community with a strong tradition of no growth. The legal right to build was not in question, but community opposition would cause serious delay costing the client both dollars and goodwill. Our solution was to manage the issue for and with the company. We formed an internal company team whose members had expertise in a variety of issues. Together we created an information strategy that assured that facts, not hyperbole or misconception, ruled the day. As the issues changed from concerns about potable water to traffic patterns, we worked with our company team and members of the community to develop strong working relationships and community trust.