photoPRSA/NJ Pyramid Awards
         Honorable Mention
         Association of Medical Device Reprocessors 
         Brochures & Presentations/Media Kits

APEX Awards for Publication Excellence
         Video & Electronic Publications
         NJ Sharing Network — Holiday Card

League of American Communications Professionals
         Spotlight Silver Award Winner
         New York Shipping Association
         Delivering Prosperity Campaign

         Spotlight Bronze Award Winner
         Sharing Network Foundation Brochure
         Closing the Gap, One Donor at a Time...

         Spotlight Award Honors
         NJ Sharing Network — Hip Hop 4 Life Campaign

         Spotlight Award Platinum
         SHARE NJ

The Davey Award
         The Taxicab Campaign — NJ Sharing Network

Millennium Awards
         Gold award
         NJ Sharing Network

NJ International Association of Business Communicators
         IRIS Award of Merit
         NJ Sharing Network
         SHARE NJ  — Publications

         2005 IRIS AWARD OF MERIT
         NJ Sharing Network
         SHARE NJ — Publications