What We Do

Using our team’s combined experience in public policy, law, government and communications, Issues Management advocates for clients in the support and defense of their interests. The firm’s goal is to help them deal with the public issues and events that affect their bottom lines and their reputations. We give our clients the chance to even the playing field and create strategic advantage.

Based on our client’s need, our work may take different directions. Typically, our combined problem-solving skills are applied in one or more of these areas to create multi-faceted campaigns:

Legislative Advocacy
Regulatory Counseling/Project Management
Environmental Issues Management
Strategic Communication
Grassroots Advocacy and Coalition-Building
Business Development
Crisis Management

Legislative Advocacy

When the political process frustrates private enterprise, Issues Management finds creative solutions to political obstacles that may not yield to traditional lobbying. Our goal is to help the client shape public policy.
We work at home in New Jersey and around the country with state and local legislators, key executive agency staff and community leaders as necessary to influence policy development at the local, state or federal level. We have been effective in enacting law in areas as wide ranging as pollution prevention and permitting, health care licensing standards, corporate defense against hostile takeovers, energy marketing and prevailing wage.

Solar Energy
When New Jersey's solar industry came under economic pressure, Issues Management worked with our client, the nation's largest solar developer, to champion legislation to reinvigorate the market. Through two legislative sessions, Issues Management worked with Assembly and Senate leaders to rewrite New Jersey's solar laws. By serving as a resource for legislators and their staff, we were successful in helping to frame legislation that balances our client's concerns with the needs of NJ ratepayers.